Backyard Tent Cinema!

How it works

Option 1 - Add a projector to your sleepover

We'll set up your tent for a sleepover with beds for up to 10 people and you can hire our projector as an add-on. Once it gets dark just connect your laptop, phone or media player and project movies onto the inside wall of the tent! You'll be amazed at how perfectly the tent becomes a projector screen.

Option 2 - Tent Cinema

Let us set up a backyard movie theatre inside your luxury bell tent. Approximately 15 guests can enjoy a 5 star movie night under the stars with rugs, cushions, throws and blankets. Don't worry about the weather: our tents are 100% waterproof!

Our projectors were specially selected after extensive testing. They have built-in cinema sound and a glorious picture - see for yourself here!

Just connect your smartphone or laptop using our supplied cables. It works great with YouTube/Netflix/Stan/Amazon/Disney+ and even Xbox and Playstation. We provide everything for all popular smartphone and laptop models.

We're all about making things easy and stress-free for you, so before we leave we'll run through everything and give you a stool to place the projector on. We'll also show you where to put it for the best results.

A Buone Notti movie night is completely independent of the weather. Our professional glamping tents are totally waterproof so even if it rains your cinema will still be awesome, warm and dry - so you can plan your party with confidence.

This is an unforgettable experience that we're so excited to bring to you and it's exclusive to Buone Notti.

Backyard Tent Cinema (includes projector)

$550 inc. GST

We'll set your tent up with rugs, floor cushions, throws and blankets for a cosy night at the movies for approx. 15 guests. Keep the tent overnight and sleep in it if you want to - we can supply bedding and mattresses for $30 per bed or you can use your own. Note a max of 10 beds can fit in the tent.

Add the Projector to a Glampout

$75 inc. GST

Add a projector to your glamping party booking


How to use the Buone Notti Movie Projector

Help Using Your Projector

Your movie projector comes fully charged, tested and with all the adaptors you need to use it with your:

  • Apple iPhone

  • Apple iPad

  • Any Android phone with USB-C connector

  • Apple Macbook Pro with USB-C connector

  • Any Windows or Mac laptop or media player with HDMI or DisplayPort connector

  • Playstation 3 or 4

  • Xbox 360/Xbox One/Xbox One X

  • Nintendo Wii

  • DVD or Blu Ray player with HDMI connector

Your projector is perfect for watching your favourite streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime or movies purchased from the Apple or Google stores.

Note for Foxtel Go users: Foxtel Go requires you to purchase an additional "Multiroom" account to play anything on an external device like our projector.

However if you're having trouble please do the following first:

Check all connectors are firmly in place

  • Check the HDMI lead is firmly connected to the projector.

  • Remove any cases/covers from your mobile phone - these can sometimes get in the way of the connector, so it doesn't go all the way in.

Picture but no audio?

Your projector has built-in speakers so if you don't hear anything, something's wrong.  Check:

  • Is the volume on the projector turned up? Use the buttons on the rear of the projector.

  • On some laptops you will need to tell it to send the audio to the projector along with the picture. So if you are seeing the picture on the projector but hearing audio on your laptop, go to the audio settings and select the Viewsonic Projector as the audio output device:

On Windows: go to Windows Settings - System - Sound - Choose Your Output Device

On a Mac: go to System Preferences - Sound - Output

Audio but no picture?

Are you using Foxtel Go? If so, you will only get audio (and no picture) on the projector, unless you purchase the "Multiroom" add on for your Foxtel account. There is no way around this other than paying Foxtel Go for this to be enabled on your account. It isn't a fault of the projector and we regret that we cannot give a refund of your projector hire fee if this is a problem for you.

Blurry Screen?

  • Focus the image by rotating the dial on the front of the projector, next to the lens

  • If you're streaming video over the internet, your connection could be poor. It might be better to download the film directly to your device before using it outside.

More Information

  • Download our instructions for using the projector right here

  • Download the full projector instructions here