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Cakes Made to Order

* Cakes are only available in Sydney

Buone Notti Cake Platter.  100s & 1000s cake and cupcakes
Vanilla buttercream cupcake on white platter
Vanilla Buttercream cupcake
Vanilla buttercream cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes with Buttercream icing
Buttercream cupcakes - normal and mini size

There is no such thing as too many cupcakes. 


Buttercream Cupcakes $3.50 ea

Mini Buttercream Cupcakes $3 ea

Or why not decorate your own? We can supply 2 naked cupcakes per person and everything you need to decorate them including tools and icing for only $7 p.p. The perfect edible party activity! 

100s & 1000s cake with cupcakes on a wooden table

Hundreds and Thousands cake.  Available in chocolate, vanilla or gluten free. Guaranteed crowd pleaser!

6"    $130

7"    $155

8"    $175

Gluten free add $22


Barbie Cake.


Classics never go out of style.

$165 (includes doll)

Barbie Cake
Choc orange drip cake
vanilla buttecream drip cake
Vanilla buttercream drip engagement cake
Biscoff Chocolate Birthday Cake

Playful or elegant; simple or sophisticated, drip cakes are all the rage right now. They can be adapted for any occasion, as you can see here. The base icing is buttercream and the drip is chocolate or Biscoff ganache


6" starting at $135

7" starting at $165

8" starting at $185

Meringues, macarons, chocolate sails, small decorations are included, but cake toppers and fresh flowers cost extra, as does a gluten free option.

Buttercream Chocolate Drip Cake
watercolour cake vanilla buttercream
watercolour cake vanilla buttercream

Watercolour buttercream cake with caramel popcorn, meringue, edible flowers and sprinkles


6" $135 (four layers)

7" $165 (five layers, approx. 10" tall)

8" $185 (six layers)

Gluten free add $22

Vanilla buttercream Wiggles cake
Vanilla buttercream Wiggles cake
Vanilla buttercream Wiggles cake

Vanilla buttercream Wiggles cake with white chocolate sails and lolly decorations

6" $140

7" $170

8" $190

gluten free add $22

Figurines and chocolate number are extra

Surfboard cake vanilla buttercream

Surf's up with this buttercream cake with fondant surfboards!

6" $165

7" $190

8" $220

Gluten free add $22

Gluten Free ski theme cake

Ski themed chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing and fondant skis and pine trees. The sign is fondant too!

6" $165

7" $190

8" $220

Gluten free add $22

Mermaid cake

Mermaid and Unicorn Cakes.  Buttercream icing with fondant mermaid tail or unicorn horn and decorations. A big hit with the girls!

6" $165

7" $190

8" $220

Gluten free add $22

Unicorn Buttercream Cake
Unicorn Buttercream Cake

Buone Notti Cakes are made fresh to order with only the highest quality ingredients. We don't cut any corners when it comes to making your special party treat. 

For ultimate party convenience add a Buone Notti cake to one of our glamping party packages, and if you don't need us to make your cake we can also do breakfast muffins, or why not swap the cake for our Cupcake Decorating activity where we supply each child with 2 cupcakes and everything they need to decorate them!

Rebekah will work with you to design your perfect cake, starting at only $130 for a 6" 100s and 1000s cake or $135 for a 6" buttercream cake which will feed 10 with enough to spare for breakfast!

Delivery is free with a glamping party or pickup from our premises in Normanhurst. Or we'll gladly personally deliver it to you for a small fee.

Cakes are only available in Sydney, sorry.

For more information please contact us.