What is a Buone Notti Sleepover?

A birthday party is a special time for your loved one and their friends - but it's also a big moment for the rest of the family. Naturally you want something special for your special person.

At Buone Notti Glamping Parties we love sleepovers and we love camping. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to combine the two?

One thing we know about sleepovers is that they can be hard work and kids don't want to just have one or two friends over, they want all of them!

We get that. We also get that with all the excitement comes a lot of work and sometimes stress, so our mission is to take the hassle and stress out of hosting a sleepover so you can concentrate on the fun bits.

That's what motivates us. That's why our name literally means "Good Nights".

We will provide an awesome space for the sleepout in the safety of your own backyard, that gives your guests not just the novelty and fun of camping outdoors but also their own space to hang out and be themselves - giving them the opportunity to develop their friendships and independence together.

We will provide all the bedding including proper warm mattresses with quality linen, blankets and/or doonas (depending on the season) so you don't have to worry about scrounging up the sheets or borrowing mattresses.  Then we decorate the space in your choice of theme and provide lighting for inside the tent.


You won't need to move any of your furniture or upend your living room - which you'll likely have to do if you have an indoor teepee party. And the rest of your household won't be disrupted by all the noise, and trust us, there will be noise!

The next day we come and take it all away so you're left with nothing but memories (and hopefully birthday cake). So often this is what people remark on when we come to collect - how absolutely easy and fun the whole thing was!

Lastly, as if this wasn't already amazing, we can bake your custom birthday caketurn your tent into a private cinema that is totally weather proof (no rained out backyard movie nights here) and provide other great activities like cupcake decorating (great for the smaller party animals).  Everything is done by us: no outsourcing, no third parties - just our little family company.

It all adds up to the easiest sleepover you'll ever have and an unforgettable night for your guests.  We take great pride in the service we offer and we treat every party as if it was our own. We hope you like what you see on our website, if you have any questions please just contact us.

We look forward to treating you to a night that's...

5 Star Under the Stars!®

Kids playing in backyard with bell tent

Party Tips

At Buone Notti we know sleepovers, and parents want to know what they can do to help make things go smoothly


Asking us to set up one of our awesome bell tents in your backyard is a great start, but the truth is that there are lots of really important things you can do to ensure the night goes off without a hitch - creating just the right conditions for maximum fun with the least amount of fuss for you and your family.  

...and maybe even a little sleep for the birthday boy or girl!!

Girl on bed in glamping tent

The Six Secrets of Successful Sleepovers:

1. Choose the guest list wisely. Both in numbers and personality types, it is vital you choose carefully. Tough decisions may have to be made in the name of party harmony - and your sanity.


2. Timing is Everything. This will depend on age: plan your activities to ensure a logical flow through the afternoon and evening. You need to ensure there are structured activities as well as back ups if something doesn't turn out as well as you'd hoped, and don't forget to allow time to just "be". The whole point of a sleepover is to hang with your friends and enjoy each others' company. If you don't build any time for that into your schedule, the only time to do it will be when you want them to go to sleep!  And we know how that ends.


3. Turn the excitement dial down as it gets later. Those activities you've planned?  Make sure the loud, exciting ones are early and the quiet ones are last.  That means Karaoke first and movie later!


4. No cake just before bedtime! And limit the lollies as well. Have these things earlier and let them burn it off, otherwise bad things happen.


5. Have a place just for them. Make sure there is a space set aside for them to talk and be silly without parents over their shoulder. Kids need to learn independence and social skills in their own way, without being self-conscious or being told to stop being silly all the time. They can't do this unless they have their own space. If you can't do this inside, we know some people who can put a really cool tent in your backyard for just this very purpose...


6. Use the right bedding. You can't sleep if you're not comfortable, so don't skimp on the bedding: you need enough blankets and doonas of the right type for the season, and quality comfy mattresses to sleep on. Without this part sorted, you have no chance of a peaceful night. We can't stress this enough - that creaky old fold-out bed and the dirty sleeping bag will only lead to tears.